Prag Emporion, s.r.o.

234 313 851
Beranových 745
199 00 Praha 9

Prag Emporion has been on the market for 10 years, active in the manufacturing, registration, distribution, marketing and sales of medicines. We provide business advisory and training for subjects starting in pharmacology.
Nowadays we are one of the leading players in the industry with an annual turnover exceeding 298 mil and jurisdiction over the entire area of the Czech Republic.

We are an authorized distributor of pharmaceuticals in the Czech Republic with a permit issued by the SIDC. We meet ISO norms and all legislative decree in question.

Prague Emporion is contractor and supplier to major hospitals, medical and diagnostic subjects. We have our own well equipped storage facilities, transportation and logistical know-how. One of major activities is international trade of medicinal products through the European Union, we have a long and extensive experience there and variety of reliable partners.

PRAG EMPORION s.r.o., Beranových 745, 199 00 Praha 9
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